CRYSTAL THERAPY: benefits of Body Mind Soul

CRYSTAL THERAPY: benefits of Body Mind Soul


the benefit of Body  Mind  Soul



Body: It helps sexual and fertility problems. It promotes blood supply and strengthens the heart and sexual organs.

Mind: It makes you sensitive and blood. It helps to love yourself and others. 

Soul: It helps calmness and flexibility



Body: It helps the nervous system, lungs, respiratory tract and skin. Relieves pain, tension and swelling. Effective against headaches. Promote sleep.

Mind: It helps the process of thought and awareness. Facilitates entering with consciousness into dream images. Useful in moment of sadness and delusion.

Soul: Useful in meditating. It helps introspective ability, justice and wisdom. 



Body: It helps feverish state, pains and nausea. 

Rebalances the functions of brain, nerves and glands.

Mind: It helps to overcome your mental limit, solve a problem and get to know yourself.

Soul: It helps sincerity, empathy, impartiality and asserting oneself in its own essence.



Body: Pain relieving action. Effective against state of nervous hyperexcitate or adrenal hyperactivity.

Mind: It helps in moment of hesitation or oppression with intrusive people. It helps to reduce stress and negative influences. 

Soul: It helps to overcome difficult moments without losing courage but finding self-confidence.



Body: It relieves the sensation of cold. It lowers the pressure. It helps cooling illnesses.

Mind: It favors new ideas and resize old memories by promoting deep feelings.

Soul: Antidote against illusions. Strengthen intuitions, creative spirit and mediumship.



Body: It helps disorders of the vocal cords and larynx, especially caused by repressed anger. It lowers the pressure and regulates the functioning of the thyroid glands. Regularize the menstrual cycle. 

Mind: Self-awareness, dignity, honesty and righteousness. It helps to express your feelings and to be extroverted. 

Soul: It’s called “friendship crystal”. It promotes honesty, inner truth and wisdom.



Body: It purify the body and the environment by eliminating negative influences. It dissolves energy blocks and tensions. It stimulates blood circulation and wound healing.

Mind: It helps to overcome shocks, fear and traumas of all kind. It promotes sensitivity.

Soul: For the “spotless warrior” because it pushes you to work on your inner shadows



Body: pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Relieves dermatitis and allergies. Strengthens the connective tissues and the heart muscle. It stimulates fat metabolism and low cholesterol.

Mind: It stimulates enthusiasm, tolerance and inventiveness. Fights insomnia and anger.

Soul: "helps him to dream" and turn your dreams into reality. It helps to make decisions and stimulates individuality.




Body: It stimulates the joy of life and a general sense of well-being. It makes emotional, seductive, contraceptive, happy to live and optimistic.

Mind: makes you carefree. It promotes spontaneity, poetry, music and creativity.

Soul: inspires joy of living. It stimulates the desire for changes and colors.



Body: It stimulates the regeneration of the respiratory tract, lungs and skin. Strengthens bones and teeth. It makes agile and flexible by reducing joint inflammation.

Mind: It stimulates the activity of the nervous system, alleviating allergies of psychosomatic origin. It helps overcome addictions and fixed ideas or limiting ideas. It stimulates cognitive logical skills. It gives emotional stability and confidence by letting it out of confusion.

Soul: It promotes the freedom of thought of those who want to be independent, enhancing the desire for freedom.



Body: It relieves throat disorders, vocal cords and larynx. It has a calming action and lowers blood pressure by regulating the balance of organic liquids.

Mind: It stimulates the sense of identity and ability to defend oneself. Eliminate feelings of guilt by letting your emotions live.

Soul: It promotes idealism and stimulates the desire for truth and loyalty to oneself.



Body: It increases the flow of oxygen. It helps autoimmune and degenerative diseases. It stimulates fertility and strengthens the heart. Valid against infections.

Mind: It helps to overcome the traumas of the past, shocks, anxieties. It helps to overcome the wounds of the past and metabolize anger and renew oneself. You can increase self-confidence and the strength to move forward.

Soul: It helps you to take responsibility and listen to yourself. Improve contact with the surrounding environment.



Body: strengthens the body and stimulates the immune and healing processes. It helps the liver functions and it improves the digestive processes of the small intestine.

Mind: It helps performance by making you aware of its real capabilities and potential in a harmonious way. Helps to make people accept their limits. It stimulates imaginations of tranquility and happiness by generating psycho-physical well-being.

Soul: It stimulates patience and helps awareness of both negative and positive sides.



Body: It stimulates the digestive process and the functionality of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. It attenuates the symptoms of diabetes early on. Strengthens the nervous system.

Mind: It makes you feel extroverted and joyful by fighting depressive states. It stimulates comparison with others.

Soul: Ideal in meditations. It promotes the courage to live, to change, to realize oneself, to individuality and safety.



Body: It  helps to reduce the flatulence, inflammation of the muscles and viral infections. It helps the stomach and intestines to perform their functions regularly.

Mind: It  helps emotional people to be more rational without wasting energy.

Soul: "protective stone". It removes negative energies from both people and objects. It helps to face people.



Body: It reduces cramps and stiffness. Suitable for back pain.

Mind: It strengthens the nervous system. It promotes a pragmatic and realistic mentality. It strengthens the ability to concentrate, it resolves conflicts and it prevents feelings from interfering with thoughts.

Soul: It helps to better endure fatigue and pain by overcoming adversity with courage.



Body: It helps with concentration and increase intelligence. It is also believed to improve work efficiency and study ability.

Mind: Useful to become aware of who we are and where we come from. It is also useful for connecting us to infinite space, to the sense of Creation of the cosmos.

Soul: "The crystal of the Stars". Ideal for meditation, cosmic connection and relaxation.



Body: It’s useful for pregnant women and is suitable for children, especially if they have to recover from a great disappointment or even from pain. It increases the energetic connection between mother and children and supports fertility. It helps balance.

Mind: On a mental level it gives constant energy to renew itself. You can use it for example if you want to open your heart to gentle energies and slowly want to free yourself from bad habits. Encourage psychic vision.

Soul: It helps if you feel lost or full of anger over a situation you have experienced recently. It helps to work on the Kundalini and supports the whole energy system of the seven chakras.